It could be you…

There are magical goings on in the blogosphere at the moment thanks to the rather wonderful Fairy Hobmother – an emissary of Appliances Online, retailers of all manner of kitchen appliances and white goods – who flutters around the internet granting wishes throughout the whole of blog-land.  Imagine what a great job that must be?!

I had seen the Fairy Hobmother visit a some of my favourite blogs, like English Mum and Cake in the Country and much to my excitement I recently received a visit of my own after I had left a comment over on Dinner du Jour’s fantastic blog.  I wished for a camera tripod and some baking tins and low and behold the Fairy Hobmother very kindly bestowed upon me a voucher for Amazon, which I duly used to purchase a camera bag and some loose bottom individual tart tins – thank you Fairy Hobmother, your visit really did make my day!

And that’s not all… the Fairy Hobmother tells me that anyone who makes a wish by posting it in a comment below may get a visit of their own just like I did.  So tell me what you would like if a little fairy dust was sprinkled your way?


  1. What a fantastic idea!
    Should the Fairy Hobmother feel the need to sprinke her fairydust on me I’d LOVE a hand mixer to help with the baking I’ve been attempting to perfect Thanks to your lovely blog. My own newbie blog could do with some cake shots! :)
    Looking forward to seeing your new pic repetoire!
    CherrySue x

    • Isn’t it such a lovely thing to do?! Very clever peeps at Appliances Online. Oh yes a hand-mixer is most, erm… handy!! :) Thanks for the comment and delighted you have jumped on board the blog train x

  2. Ooh I would love some new baking cookbooks to give me some inspiration for my blog!!

    • Hello there. Oh man I am addicted to cookbooks… very good choice – one can never have enough I think :) I have gazillions on my wish-list still.

  3. Having just moved from a pretty spacious kitchen to a, em, not-so-spacious kitchen, I am badly in need of some shelving and clever in-press space savers. Not stuff that will cost a fortune but is all beyond my means at the moment! Nor is it very exciting stuff…yes, I get off on a little organisation!

    By the way, Fairy Hobmother, I hope you’ll still consider visiting me even though I don’t have a blog. I do tweet and will happily all in Twitterville if you decide to visit me.

  4. Wow!! How nice was that? You must have been delighted! There are so many things that I could wish for that its hard to decide!!! I’d love a really good set of knives or a Magimix blender would be great

    • Hello Lynn – I have to say I was really really chuffed I couldn’t stop smiling all day – what an amazing job the Fairy Hobmother has! It is hard to decide isn’t it but knives or a Magimix are both very worthy contenders.

  5. Oooh you lucky thing! I’ve seen so many people get their wishes granted, what a lovely person the Fairy Hobmother must be! I already wished for an egg separator on another blog, but I’ve since bought one… so another wish for me and my kitchen would be a griddle pan, so I could make some lovely steaks! It’s the one thing that never gets bought because I always end up buying baking things instead. Fingers crossed for some fairy dust coming my way!

    • Hi Kim. I feel very lucky – I saw the Fairy Hobmother flitting around for a while so it was fab to get a visit! I can also tell you that fairy dust has been sprinkled over lots of the Irish food bloggers so keep your eyes peeled! Griddle pan is a great idea :)

  6. Ooooh I would love a food processor as I’ve left mine behind in LA, where it has been collecting dust for over a year in storage (wrong voltage/plug/etc.). We’re moving to a new apartment with a great kitchen and boy would it look nice in there! :)

    • Hello Clare :) oh I can imagine that you really miss your food processor :( Every home should have one – much like pets but way handier and less messy. Would be a fab moving in pressie for you x

  7. Wow, this fairyhobmother sounds too good to be true! My weighing scales broke last week and I’m suffering from baking withdrawals so I would love a new one.

    • I know Clare! It’s great isn’t it? Very clever and generous. Oh no, life without weighing scales is not good – I hope you are back cake making very soon!

  8. First off, Fairy Hobmother is just the best name ever! So witty and funny, I’m a sucker for puns.

    Second, if I had an ultimate wish, I would love a KitchenAid Mixer, that would be AMAZING! However, even I know that is a bit ambitious, so I would be very happy with some springform baking tins. And Ninja Breadmen cookie cutters!

    • Haha Breige, I know what you mean. I would love to be the Fairy Hobmother, it must be the coolest job ever. And I love the idea of Ninja Breadmen cookie cutters! :) Brilliant.

  9. Oh janey I’d love for the Fairy Hobmother to sprinkle some fairy dust my way. The shield broke on my mixer 4 weeks ago and since then everytime I turn it on my kitchen disappears in a cloud of (not so fairyish) flour! I think if she turned her gaze my way I’d have to replace the broken shield and give my vacuum cleaner a break!

    • Hi there – oh that sounds like a very worthy wish alright – can’t have you disappearing in a cloud of dust every time you bake! Here’s hoping a little sprinkle finds it way to you :)

  10. Oooooh, in my new house I have a kitchen with nothing but a 1950s formica table and a wood-burning stove, if ever a sad looking room needed a sprinkling of fairy dust, it’s that! ;) First up for the new kitchen would be a cast iron pan, I can’t do that super-cool-transfer-from-hob-to-oven thing with my plastic handled charlatans! Either that or a postage-friendly chef’s torch :)

    • Hello Rachael :) actually that sounds like a rather cool kitchen!! A cast iron pan is a great idea and sounds like it will fit in very well. Keeping fingers crossed for you!

  11. Oooh, congrats on your visit from the fairy hobmother!

    I would definitely most want either a Magimix or Kenwood food processors. I have been coveting a good food processor for about two years now. There’s so many more things i could make if I had one! I’d love to make things like chickpea burgers or my own nut butters.

    • Thank you Hermione – it was a lovely surprise :) Great choice – I can attest to the brilliance of Magimix. Definitely a great thing to wish for and you would get so much use out of it. Will be keeping fingers crossed!

  12. katzwizkaz says:

    I woud love a new oven to replace my wonky one, but then wouldn’t we all! A meal at McNean’s restaurant would be a lovely treat.

    • Hello Colette! Oh I have heard such good things about McNean’s and every time I pass by on the way to Enniskillen I tell hubs I really want to try there. That would be such a lovely little treat :) thanks for the comment x

  13. I can honestly say I would love a little fairy dust sprinkled on our new house so that the kitchen was ready now, as opposed to months down the line!

    But I think that might be mission impossible even for the Fairy Hobmother, so I will content myself with asking for some new cook books to pour over while the kitchen is being fitted so that I can leap into action as soon as it’s ready.

    It’s already been decided that the inaugural dinner will be lobster thermidor thanks to himself having flicked through Julia Child’s books recently :)

    • Hi Joanna :) oh congratulations on the move! I know exactly what you mean – all fairy dust gratefully received when in a new home :) And Lobster Thermidor is one of my favourite things! Good luck.

  14. Wowsers, this fairy hobmother is amazing!
    As we’re in the middle of building a new house, there are lots of bits I need but would definitely love some shelves for all my cookbooks :)

    • Hi Emz – I know!!! Fairy Hobmother is brilliant! Oooh bet you cannot wait – new house = new kitchen = new gadgets!! Great idea to wish for shelves – cookbooks tend to take over the place :)