Chicken Satay

If there is one thing I miss about city life since moving to the country it’s the lack of choice and convenience when it comes to eating out or ordering in.  It became a little custom in our house on Friday nights to go out to our favourite Chinese restaurant or order in a pizza, a little treat at the end of a busy working week and I missed this a lot when we moved.  As with all things we learn to adapt and so now our Friday evenings feature our very own ‘homemade take-away’. We make things like pizzas, or burritos, or chow mein or curries, depending on the mood and how much effort we want to put in. [Read more…]

Basil Pesto

For a super fast, pocket-friendly, simple lunch or supper you can’t beat a bowl of pasta covered in a fabulously fresh pesto.  I also love pesto mixed with diced chicken breast for sandwiches or salads.  This is a such a quick recipe and can be easily adapted using more parmesan or more garlic or basil to suit your preference. [Read more…]

Chicken wrapped in bacon with Red Pepper Sauce

If I ask my family what they would like me to cook for them it is usually Chicken with Red Pepper Sauce and even my husband, who really dislikes peppers, loves this sauce.  It is great with chicken or fish and I have also served it with pasta. 

The dish itself is a handy one to have in your arsenal if friends or family are coming to dinner – the sauce can be made and chicken wrapped early on or indeed the day before and kept chilled, then all you have to do is cook the chicken and heat the sauce – easy.   Tonight I stuffed my chicken breasts with roasted peppers and tomatoes (sprinkled with olive oil, salt and pepper and roasted for around 40 mins at 200ºC) and creamy mozzarella. I used spanish bacon but I also use pancetta or slices of serrano or parma ham depending on what is available that day. The sauce also freezes well so I often keep any left over sauce in a freezer bag ready for a quick supper for one. [Read more…]

Zesty Coriander, Tomato and Cucumber Salad

This is my own summer salad recipe and I think it is so pretty and really brightens up the table.  It tastes so fresh and zesty and is the perfect accompaniment to a barbeque or a summery lunch or dinner.

The secret to the zesty flavour and also to the amazingly bright pink onions is to soak thin slices of red onion in lime juice for an hour or so and you will end up with wonderful tasting onions that add a really fresh touch to the salad. [Read more…]

Basic French Dressing

I have always found it hard to find a ready-made dressing that I really liked (the closest I have come to that is the fresh M&S Reduced Fat French Dressing found in the chilled cabinet).  So after reading many recipes I have come up with a very simple dressing that is easy to make and can be adapted depending on your taste.  Despite the fact that olive oil is a very popular choice for dressings in many of the recipes I have read I have to say that I am not a fan – I think it is too strong a taste and tends to overpower.  I much prefer to use Groundnut oil or Grapeseed oil, both of which have little taste and act as a perfect carrier for the other flavours.  Below is my basic recipe, the ingredients for which will live happily in your cupboard for some time, however I do occasionally add fresh extras like lemon juice, chives, fresh chopped herbs, crushed garlic or finely minced shallot depending on my mood, what is to hand and what I am using the dressing on. [Read more…]