A New Start

Well first of all I must apologise sincerely for the lack of posts around here for a while – my absence has made me realise that I really value this little blog quite dearly and I will endeavour to try harder this year.

I really appreciate all of you who continue to check in and comment despite the lack of recent updates – much thanks to you all for the continued support and encouragement, it means a lot.

As you can see I have freshened things up a bit – as well as changing my blog name to my own domain The Glutton’s Kitchen, I have given the place a little facelift.  I hope you like it and welcome any comments, feedback or suggestions you might have.

I wish you all a very peaceful 2012 x


  1. ’tis only gorgeous. I love PINK and hearts (have three girls) … very very pretty and clean.
    Good job and I look forward to reading your posts!

  2. Swit swoo! Love the new look, the colours are gorgeous!

    Off to change your address on my blogroll now…:)

    • Hi Mammyskitchen :) thanks very much! I like the colours too – it’s a bit girly but no harm in that ;) I need to update my blogroll badly – I think your address has changed since I did it.

  3. Love the new blog look & delighted to be reading your posts again :)

  4. Hello Aoifa….Love the new site. Congratulations!!…. Don’t worry about not coming in too often, we will read you eagerly when you do!….

    Christmas season has FINISHED!!.Phew. Spend 3 hours this morning getting kitchen back to normal clean, as 6th Jan. is a big day here and I had 8 of us to cook for!.

  5. Delighted your back :) :)

  6. Delighted to see you back and love the new look :)