Yuk Sung

In my last post I mentioned how similar I thought Donal Skehan’s Asian Pork Lettuce Cups were to one of our favourite Chinese restaurant starters, Yuk Sung.  My husband would happily ‘eat a bucket’ of this stuff (his words!) and I believe him.  I once tried a recipe that I found online that required boiling the pork mince first and it was a bit long winded, the results weren’t anything like the Yuk Sung I was used to and my fried rice noodles were too greasy, so when I tried Donal’s Asian Pork Lettuce Cups I decided this would be the ideal starting point to making Yuk Sung and with just a few little tweaks the results tasted exactly like the restaurant version.  After trying Donal’s Pork Lettuce Cups I prefer this type of dish without the fried rice noodles – it is so much lighter. [Read more…]

A true Kitchen Hero

 Picture from www.donalskehan.com

I have always preferred cookbooks produced by food writers and cooks, which usually contain a wealth of trusted much-loved recipes for home-style cooking and it is for this very reason that I love Donal Skehan’s new cookbook, Kitchen Hero.  Donal is a self-taught cook who began sharing his amazing recipes and food photography on his blog, Good Mood Food (which can now be found at www.donalskehan.com) and his passion and ability to inspire cooks of all levels led to his first cookbook, Good Mood Food, and much deserved success. [Read more…]