Catherine’s Italian Kitchen – Catherine Fulvio

When the lovely people at Gill & Macmillan sent me a copy of Catherine Fulvio’s first cookbook Catherine’s Italian Kitchen I was delighted and immediately flicked through the pages eagerly picking out recipes to try.  The first thing I noticed is that the book has a very fresh and light feel to it, both visually thanks to the vibrant photography and physically – […]

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Chicken wrapped in bacon with Red Pepper Sauce

Chicken Red Pepper Sauce 016

If I ask my family what they would like me to cook for them it is usually Chicken with Red Pepper Sauce and even my husband, who really dislikes peppers, loves this sauce.  It is great with chicken or fish and I have also served it with pasta.  The dish itself is a handy one to have […]

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Roasted Tomato and Basil Soup

Roasted Tom soup 015

The weather has been rather autumnal lately and when the skies are overcast and grey I always feel like having a tasty bowl of soup for lunch.  This roasted tomato soup is so easy to make but has a wonderful deep savoury flavour and most inviting warm colour that goes some way to brightening the day. 

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Roma Pizza & Pasta Flour

Roma Pizza & Pasta Flour

Thanks to the brilliant Damien Mulley and very generous Adam in Roma Foods, myself and a number of other bloggers were recently sent a lovely parcel containing two Roma products: Pizza & Pasta Flour – Farina Tipo 00 and a lovely Limited Edition tin containing dried Penne. I was delighted to get my hands on the flour […]

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Mr Whippy Raspberry & White Chocolate Cupcakes

Mr Whippy Cupcakes

  The lovely English Mum is very kindly hosting a Big Bake Off over on and all and sundry have been invited to submit their best baking efforts with the most fabulous prize of a Green & Blacks hamper on offer.  Needless to say the competition is fairly stiff… just pop over to EM’s and take a […]

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Cranberry and Pecan Cookies

Clifden + mussels 043

At the suggestion of Sarah from Musings of a Med Student and Kristin of Dinner du Jour a group of Irish food bloggers jumped at the chance to hold a Twitter Cookie Bake-Off or “Twookieparty”.  Taking part in Twitter cooking parties is a bit of fun and a great way to discover or share recipes. I must admit I […]

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Cottage Pie

cottage pie 001

One of the first meals my husband ever cooked for me was Cottage Pie and it (or Shepherds Pie if lamb mince is available) is still a firm favourite in our house.  Over the years we have tried out a few different recipes but the one I favour most is that of Gary Rhodes in New British Classics, […]

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Garlic Dough Balls

dough balls 010

These deliciously fresh, soft garlicky dough balls are a great alternative to garlic bread. I generally make them with left over pizza dough (about half the quantity in the recipe) but they are so nice that I do often make fresh dough for them.  You can safely store pizza dough in a freezer bag in the fridge for 2 […]

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Pizza… revisited*

Pizza 021

* I have updated this post following the Twizzaparty – which was great fun to take part in and gave me lots of fabulous ideas for toppings, thanks to Reindeersp, Dinner du Jour, Babaduck, Like Mam Used To Bake, Bibliocook, Joanna Schaff, Clare Kleinedler, I Can Has Cook and of course our lovely judge  Lorraine at Italian […]

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BBQ Greek Lamb

BBQ 046

  This is a wonderful greek-inspired marinade that I tried out at a family barbecue a long time ago and have been using ever since.  I wanted something that would serve many, in addition to offering burgers etc, so I opted for a butterflied leg of lamb as it is easy to carve, contains plenty of fat to keep the meat moist on […]

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