It could be you…

There are magical goings on in the blogosphere at the moment thanks to the rather wonderful Fairy Hobmother – an emissary of Appliances Online, retailers of all manner of kitchen appliances and white goods – who flutters around the internet granting wishes throughout the whole of blog-land.  Imagine what a great job that must be?!

I had seen the Fairy Hobmother visit a some of my favourite blogs, like English Mum and Cake in the Country and much to my excitement I recently received a visit of my own after I had left a comment over on Dinner du Jour’s fantastic blog.  I wished for a camera tripod and some baking tins and low and behold the Fairy Hobmother very kindly bestowed upon me a voucher for Amazon, which I duly used to purchase a camera bag and some loose bottom individual tart tins – thank you Fairy Hobmother, your visit really did make my day!

And that’s not all… the Fairy Hobmother tells me that anyone who makes a wish by posting it in a comment below may get a visit of their own just like I did.  So tell me what you would like if a little fairy dust was sprinkled your way?

Chicken Satay

If there is one thing I miss about city life since moving to the country it’s the lack of choice and convenience when it comes to eating out or ordering in.  It became a little custom in our house on Friday nights to go out to our favourite Chinese restaurant or order in a pizza, a little treat at the end of a busy working week and I missed this a lot when we moved.  As with all things we learn to adapt and so now our Friday evenings feature our very own ‘homemade take-away’. We make things like pizzas, or burritos, or chow mein or curries, depending on the mood and how much effort we want to put in. [Read more…]