Chicken Tikka Masala – Rick Stein’s Far Eastern Odyssey

Rick Stein’s fabulous Far Eastern Odyssey was recommended to me by the lovely Tina of Cook with Tina as I recall it following a discussion on Thai  Mussaman Curry and I am eternally grateful as this truly is a brilliant book and contains a fantastic recipe for one of my favourite dishes – Chicken Tikka Masala.  I have tried lots of different recipes for this dish over the years without great success – some cheaty quick ones with ready-made pastes and others more detailed and long-winded.  Rick Stein’s recipe doesn’t really contain that many ingredients but is definitely more suited to a day when you have a bit of time on your hands but it is worth it – it is the best I have tried by far and I really think that this particular dish doesn’t benefit at all from shortcuts.  I buy my spices at fairly reasonable prices online from Spices of India and I also bought the cast iron Karahi pictured below for around £15 and it has become much used and valued. [Read more…]

Cajun Chicken with Cucumber Yoghurt


This evening’s dinner of hot, spicy Cajun chicken breast served with a cooling mint, coriander and cucumber yoghurt with rice was so quick and easy to make.  This isn’t so much a recipe but perhaps more a suggestion as there really isn’t much involved in making it  – I use Schwartz Cajun Seasoning but if you really wanted to you could blend your own Cajun spice mix, I am sure there are probably thousands of recipes out there. [Read more…]