The Wedding Cake


It’s been a while and I must admit I have missed this place.  I have checked in every once in a while and I know some of you out there have been doing the same and for that I thank you.  The time is right for me to get back in the blogging saddle.

This cake had to be my first post after my absence. Last November my brother and his then partner asked me to make their wedding cake.  I was both thrilled and terrified in equal measure and the first words from my mouth were “You do know I’ve never made one before don’t you?!”.  Luckily the happy couple were so chilled about their Big Day and their only instruction was “something simple to cut for the photographs” so I pretty much had carte blanche to do what I wanted.  Making a homemade wedding cake is quite daunting as it is such an important day for the couple and I definitely lost a few hours sleep close to the day itself but it is without doubt something I am very glad I did – there are lots of things I learned along the way and definitely a few mistakes that I would do differently if I could rewind. [Read more…]