Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

meatballs and lamb shanks 001

Tonight for dinner we had one of my sons’ favourite meals – meatballs in tomato sauce.  All kids seem to love meatballs.   I have to say I am quite partial to them too as they are unbelievably quick, very tasty and cheap to make, especially if, like me, you keep breadcrumbs in the freezer and use the dregs of any wine […]

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Basic French Dressing

I have always found it hard to find a ready-made dressing that I really liked (the closest I have come to that is the fresh M&S Reduced Fat French Dressing found in the chilled cabinet).  So after reading many recipes I have come up with a very simple dressing that is easy to make and can be adapted depending […]

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Apple, Celery and Cheddar Salad

Celery & Apple salad 002

I love this salad. I love its simplicity, quickness, crunchiness, zestiness and green-ness. Sometimes I crave crunchy raw food and I always think that it is probably my body telling me I need to be a little bit more considerate. I first tried this salad in Avoca (Rathcoole) as part of my 3 salad accompaniment to […]

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Steak and Creamy Pepper Sauce

Fillet steaks - approx. 1.5" thick

Okay, so for my first foray in to recipe blogging I thought I would start with a very simple oldie but goodie.  It took me a long time to actually cook a steak to my liking and after years spent poking and prodding and literally butchering the poor steaks to see if they were done enough, […]

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