Spices of India

I have to share this fabulous online Asian food retailer with my friends.  I have ordered twice now from Spices of India (www.spicesofindia.co.uk) and on both occasions have been seriously impressed with their array of products, efficiency and fabulously quick delivery service.

On both occasions delivery took 3 days from date of order to receipt here in very rural west Ireland.  All items were present and correct – one item was replaced but only after they sent me a prompt email to check whether that was ok.  The delivery charge for my last order was £7.50 but this is a courier service and I ordered around 20 products including tins of coconut milk and a 2kg pack of basmati rice.

Spices of India not only stock Indian foodstuffs and ingredients, including  a vast selection of whole and ground spices and herbs, but also Thai and Chinese products and what most impressed me was that in addition to other exotica such as tamarind pulp, palm sugar and dried Kaffir lime leaves, I was able to buy fresh curry leaves!  As anyone living in smaller towns around Ireland will know it can be very difficult to source Asian ingredients and Spices of India are an ideal service if you do not live in close proximity to an Asian store.

Brands stocked by Spices of India include Natco, Rajah, Blue Dragon and Tilda. I even purchased some Twinings Chai Tea.


  1. Brilliant. I can’t wait to give them a go. I was wondering how you found them.

    • Hi there Jane. I was searching a while ago for online retailers that would deliver here and so far have found them brilliant. I am going to try out a Thai Mussaman Curry recipe this weekend and would have no chance if I didn’t order online :) Hope you find them as good x

  2. VanillaLime says:

    Oh yum, I love Mussaman curry, looking forward to that post!!

  3. MsSittingatherdeskandpretendingtowork says:

    Deadly! Thanks a million for posting this.

    • Hi there! so handy isn’t it? I order a few bits together so the delivery charge isn’t too bad then and some of the packs are huge – got big bag of Star Anise previously so cheap and handy for putting in with ham when boiling!

  4. Can’t wait to try them out now. Look forward to seeing the Curry post!

  5. OOh great tip – rushing over to have a look at their site. Thanks! x